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Hsipaw also known as Thipaw is located on the banks of Duhtawadi river. It is at 200 km (124 Miles) north-west of Mandalay.

Hispaw, according to legends, founded in 58 BC and its classical name was Dutavadi. During the rules of Hsipaw Sao Pha, whose named the city Ong Baung Myo Lay, and Ong Baung Myo Lay was under the protectorate of British from 1887 until it is administered by central Burma government in 1934. According to the biography of  (the chief wife, Madhidevi of  Sao Shwe Thaik, the first president of Myanmarand another saopha of Hsenwi), Hsipaw, along with Kengtung and Yawnghwe were the wealthiest and most powerful saopha states in Shan State.


Shan Palace or Haw Sao Pha is a must visit place in Hsipaw, which is the residence of famed last prince of Hsipaw, Prince Sao kya Seng and Princess Mahadevi Sao Nang Thusandi who is also called Inge Sargent is the author of "Twilight over Burma: My life as a Shan Princess". 

Opening Hours3pm to 5pm (if open for public's visit)

Little Bagan

Little Bagan is located on the north edge of the town. A collective of decaying pagodas which history or year made are not known,is certainly a must visit place during your visit in Hsipaw.  The Bamboo Monastery nearby is also one of the tourist destination in Hsipaw.
Sunset Hill

Sunset Hill locates just outside Hsipaw, on the road side of Hsipaw-Lashio highway. Overlooking the whole town, it is best place to see sunset and Hsipaw‘s town view. Sunset Hill is also a place for local to do jogging or hiking, so it is certainly is a place to see locals people and is a must visit place for all visitors.
Namdoke Waterfall

The short trekking trip to Namtoke water fall is a very popular activity in Hsipaw. 
Trekking into the villages

Trekking to villages: Shan Villages or Palaung Villages is a very popular activities in Hsipaw. It is a must do checklist for the adventurous-loving and nature-loving visitors. 

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